The reason why Charlie Hunnam wasn’t at Comic Con this year. Enjoy guys :) he wrote this himself.


MYTHOLOGY MEME {1/?} hindu deities —>Kali |the destroyer|

Kali, of terrible countenance, rose armed with a sword and noose. Bearing the skull-topped staff, decorated with a garland of of severed heads, clad in a tiger’s skin, with gaping mouth and tongue lolling out, filling the sky with her fearsome roars as she falls upon and slaughters the great demons in their army, she devours the hordes of her foes in an instant.

Kali is the most powerful and frightening form of the mother goddess Parvati, called upon only in the gods’ greatest times of need. She represents darkness and strength in its purest form. Wreaking havoc upon her enemies with the force of her divine wrath, she is the creator and the destroyer of worlds. Also called the Dark Mother and the Redeemer of the Universe, she restores order to the worlds when no one else can and is often praised as the highest of all deities—the literal embodiment of power. 

My mother is offering financial help and then redacting it over and over and I’m about to fucking scream.

Either pay for my goddamn teeth or don’t so I can fucking budget how to get my teeth fixed the quickest so I can go to Montana sooner than later.

Stop dragging this shit out. I have places to be and a hot roommate to annoy the shit out of.


if i die from this trailer tell orlando bloom he was my first true love.

I prepared for you this time, you little shit.

Boys of Silence can NOT sneak up on me anymore.